Bigger Alliance

Bigger Alliance

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  • Merk: Baxbier
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In Medieval times, the cities of Groningen (Baxbier) and Appingedam (Floem) had an alliance regarding brewing rights and a lot of other stuff. We didn't actually read all of it but we're pretty sure it needs an update after 528 years. That's why we joined forces with Floem to brew BIGGER ALLIANCE. It's an Imperial Red IPA, which you don't see around very often these days. We used Incognito Mosaic, Strata, Barbe Rouge and the experimental hop variety HBC630 to push for maximum red fruit flavor and aroma to complement the rich malt base and firm bitterness.

Bierstijl IPA - Red
Alcoholpercentage 8.3
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
Bitterheid 50
THT 02-06-2021
Verpakkingsdatum 31-03-2022