Barrel Aged

De lekkerste bieren maar nu met een extra diepgang doordat ze gerijpt zijn op houten vaten waar vaak eerst een andere dranksoort in heeft gezeten. Denk hierbij aan bourbon, whisk(e)y of wijn maar ook sherry, cognac, calvados enz. 

Imperial Honeycomb

UT: 4.33

Aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months added depth and complexity. Expect a rich chocolate malty b..

€ 11,75

Last Call B.A. 2021

UT: 4.11

Imperial Stout Aged On Bourbon Barrels..

€ 7,15

Lone Buffalo

UT: 4.27

Van Untappd:A hand-selected single-barrel aged stout with notes of vanilla, contains lactose. These ..

€ 49,95

Many Moons

UT: 3.99

A beautiful deep red sour ale with cherries, citrus zest, bourbon and port barrels combining for rew..

€ 11,40

Maple Barrel Stout

UT: 4.36


€ 48,95

Milo the Crusher

UT: 4.18

Milo the Crusher 10.5% - Sazerac rye barrel aged barley wine Big barleywine boiled for over 2 and..

€ 9,60

Noblesse XO Pure Oak Series

UT: 3.83


€ 6,60

Origin of Darkness W/ Almond Milk & Coffee

UT: 4.04

Van Untappd:In an homage to their iconic Beer Geek Breakfast series, we brewed a vegan-latte inspire..

€ 9,40

Origin of Darkness W/ Marshmallows

UT: 3.88

Van Untappd:Our pals from Civil Society spend most of their time in the muggy Florida heat. So we wa..

€ 9,40

Origin of Darkness W/ Plums

UT: 3.96


€ 9,40

Panther Cub (2021)

UT: 4.15

A robust porter, Panther Cub is aged in the finest bourbon barrels available along with a kiss of ma..

€ 6,60

Peated Party

UT: 3.94


€ 6,95

Rack & Ruin (2021)

UT: 4.33

After brewing this imperial stout, it was aged in bourbon barrels for 14 months and conditioned on v..

€ 25,65

Ravnodenstie Islay BA

UT: 4.12

Van Untappd:The rich imperial stout which was brewed with chocolate malt and flavoured with Madagasc..

€ 8,30

Rye Hipster Brunch Stout (2020)

UT: 4.37

Rye Stout aged in Rye Whiskey barrels. Brewed w Maple Syrup w coffee & bacon added...

€ 10,90

Weergeven 46 t/m 60 van in totaal 70