Blackberry Hard Cider / Sidra con Mora

Maeloc Cider - Blackberry Hard Cider / Sidra con Mora

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  • Model: Blackberry Hard Cider / Sidra con Mora
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Maeloc Blackberry Hard Cider comes from Galicia, Spain. Made with 100% Galician apples sourced from local farmers, with all-natural blackberry puree from the south of Spain, added after the 4 months long spontaneous fermentation occurs before being bottled. Tasting notes Color Deep purple and violet Taste The perfect balance of blackberry tartness and apple sweetness, with subtle “jammy” notes of raspberry and cherry. Lightly Carbonated. Bouquet Fresh berries and floral aromas
Bierstijl Cider - Other Fruit
Alcoholpercentage 4
Land van Herkomst Spain
THT 30-06-2022