Chonker the Third

Hop Hooligans - Chonker the Third

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  • Merk: Hop Hooligans
  • Model: Chonker the Third
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Ingredients: Water, Grains (extra pale, oat flakes, wheat malt), Fruit (mango puree, strawberry puree, peach puree, apricot puree), Extra (lactose, maltodextrin, salt), Hops, Yeast It looks like His Royal Meowness has been hitting the Royal Pantry rather hard lately. Actions have to be taken and fast. But sensibly so, as we wouldn't want to offend Him and His most purrrrrfect curvy figure. A few months of healthy, fruit-forward dieting should do the trick, and soon there won't be anymore... kitty door emergencies. And with the single luxury of a modest dollop of lactose on top, just to make the experience a little more persuading. In the meantime, don't you dare mistake His fluffiness for fatness, ok? ^>.
Bierstijl Sour - Other Gose
Alcoholpercentage 8
Land van Herkomst Romania
Bitterheid (IBU) 20
THT 19-07-2023
Verpakking Blik
Volume 500 ml