Hop Hooligans - Sirtaki

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  • Merk: Hop Hooligans
  • Model: Sirtaki
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Water, Grains (Pale, Dextrin, Oats, Pale chocolate, Munich, Chocolate, DRC, T50, Black malt, Roasted Barley), Hops, Honey, Mahleb, Pistachio, Yeast (WLP002) This humble offering comes straight from the land of bright, sun-bathed feelings—either warm with love for life or hot from revolutionary yells. In a world as twisted and haphazard as this seldom is, one must sometimes just learn how to dance. Did you say... dance?
Bierstijl Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry
Alcoholpercentage 12
Land van Herkomst Romania
Bitterheid (IBU) 30
THT 04-10-2022