Beer Geek Madness

Browar Stu Mostow - Beer Geek Madness

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Beer Geek Madness is een set van 3 verschillende collabs. BEER is a delicious Double India Pale Ale, created in collaboration with the Left Handed Giant Brewery from the UK. Fermenting with our own yeast strain resulted in a juicy beer with a Hazy IPA character. Three varieties of hops - Strata, Mosaic, and Australian Eclipse - are responsible for the beer's powerful hoppy flavor. This beer has an intense aroma and taste, making it perfect for fans of strong and rich double India Pale Ales. GEEK is a powerful sour beer created in collaboration with the American Finback Brewery. This thick beer is characterized by a strong, sour taste and contains a powerful blend of fruits: mango and peach. It's a perfect fit for the upcoming spring days and will be a great choice to open the new beer season. The beer was soured in the kettle using lactic acid bacteria, which gives it a unique depth of flavor. MADNESS is a sweet imperial stout created in collaboration with the Dutch brewery Moersleutel, which specializes in strong beers. It's a true dessert flavor bomb, enriched with crushed cocoa beans from Colombia, cinnamon from Ceylon, coconut flakes, and vanilla. The beer is intense, sweet, and strong, making it perfect for an evening relaxation. It's an ideal choice for fans of heavy, full-bodied stouts.
THT 20-09-2023
Verpakking Blik
Volume 3x 330 ml