Breakfast Time Is Relative(05-2020)

Breakfast Time Is Relative(05-2020)

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10,0% | Imperial Stout with Maple Syrup and a Blend of Mostra Vietnam and Brazilian Coffee | 50 CL

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The ideal time for Breakfast is whenever you want it! Breakfast Time is Relative is the base beer of the recently released Blåbærry Pancake Breakfast Stout. Conditioned with a blend of Vietnam and Brazilian Mostra Coffee, Catskill Mountain Sugarhouse maple syrup, and lactose, Breakfast time Is Relative pours pitch black with a happy mocha colored head while maple and chocolate fill the air upon pouring. Bakers chocolate and sweet maple are balanced by a beautiful coffee backbone with notes and flavors of doughy pancakes. The harmonious and well integrated flavor profile is fully viscous and thick and the body is wrapped up in a smooth dessert like finish. Truly breakfast in a glass.

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