Goose Island

Gillian (2016)

UT: 4.05

Van Untappd:Partially aged in wine barrels with strawberries, honey, and white peppercorns. Slightly..

€ 39,95

Halia (2016)

UT: 4.06

Van Untappd:Halia is a farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with whole peaches, resulting in bright, e..

€ 35,00

Juliet (2016)

UT: 4.09

Van Untappd:A wild ale aged in wine barrels with blackberries, tart and jammy with notes of rye, oak..

€ 37,50

Lolita (2016)

UT: 3.95

Van Untappd:A wild ale fermented in wine barrels with raspberries. Bright fruit aroma and notes of ..

€ 32,50

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