Motor Oil Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee

Moersleutel Craft Brewery - Motor Oil Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee

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Long gone are the days when chocolate, coffee and vanilla were boring. Producers worldwide have made it their passion to grow and select the most beautiful varieties and flavors. Motor Oil is a product of our passion for beer. We’ve been brewing it since the start of Moersleutel, and can’t get enough of it. To spice things up a little we keep looking for new ways to elevate it. Always scouting for passionate crafters, to layer unique flavors to our first love. It's a huge mess, testing all kinds of different ingredients, but we wouldn’t want it any different. This love is a beautiful one.​ Cheers!
Bierstijl Stout - Russian Imperial
Alcoholpercentage 12
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
THT 11-10-2024
Verpakkingsdatum 11-10-2022
Verpakking Blik
Volume 440 ml