Einder (Batch 2)

Einder (Batch 2)

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Einder (Batch 2)

Van Untappd:
Einder - Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with mirabelles.

Einder has that balmy, languid feeling of an oncoming sunset, with golden clouds framing a yellow sun that falls on the horizon. The sounds of the day slowly fade, while the living heat is still trapped in a billion grains of sand. High tide crawls towards you, a sea gull screeches in the distance, but nothing can take away the sense that life is pretty good, right here, right now.

Einder is a remarkable tart beer with warm notes of plum, lemon and almond. Buckwheat, rye and unmalted grains create a full body that is interlaced with luscious fruity aromas. The mirabelles were gathered in foodforest Ketelbroek, where we visited every week for one month to pick the fallen plums from the ground. Einder was aged on oak barrels for 12 months.
5.7% ABV

[Batch #2: bottled on 12 FEB 2020]
[Batch #1: bottled on 28 AUG 2018]

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