Grondslag - Batch 1

Grondslag - Batch 1

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Grondslag - Batch 1

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Grondslag - Barrel-aged wild blonde ale

Grondslag is a bière de coupage composed of our oldest and best barrels. It is created to let you experience the natural flavours of barrel-aged beers, without additions and without carbonation. This really brings out the texture of the beer. Grondslag is a beer close to our core; a beer that shows the power of blending and the purity of aging.

Its flavours are reminiscent of orange wine, with lush acids and notes of tropical fruit and citrus zest. Although it was aged for 14 months, it has a very mild barrel character and relatively strong hop bitterness. The absence of carbonation gives an especially soft, creamy mouthfeel.
5.2% ABV

[Batch #1: bottled on 29 JAN 2019]

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