Nevel Wild Ales


UT: 3.71

Barrel-aged wild dark ale with trees A foresty, woody dark ale with spruce, blackthorn, pine and..

€ 8,25


UT: 3.75

Dauw - Barrel-aged wild blond beer with elderflower. Once a year we brew a special blend for Dauw..

€ 9,10


UT: 3.71

Jubel - Wild dark ale aged on fino sherry barrels Jubel is een festive, luxurious beer that we br..

€ 14,90


UT: 3.58

Rust - Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with Groene Bel. Some beers are a wild exploration in a glass,..

€ 7,00


UT: 3.73

Barrel aged wild ale with 450g/L plums and fresh basil. A highly fruity and sour beer with hints of ..

€ 9,15


UT: 3.39

Weide - Wild light ale with local Spalter hop. Weide is best enjoyed on a warm day when a dry, re..

€ 3,85

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