Nevel Wild Ales - Weide

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Weide - Wild light ale with local Spalter hop. Weide is best enjoyed on a warm day when a dry, refreshing beer is the best way to cool down. It is a particularly light beer, but its bitterness and rural aromas of wild yeast offer a truly interesting drinking experience. Locally grown Spalter hop gives subtle notes of lime and young grass, while unmalted spelt and wheat create a soft, creamy mouthfeel. Weide has a low ABV and a a delicate complexity, making it a highly sessionable beer. Weide is best paired with lighter dishes or served as an aperitif. 4% ABV [Batch #6: bottled on 22 MAR 2020] [Batch #5: bottled on 27 MAR 2020] [Batch #4: bottled on 4 JUL 2019] [Batch #3: bottled on 1 NOV 2018] [Batch #2: bottled on 19 APR 2018] [Batch #1: bottled on 17 OCT 2017]
Bierstijl Wild Ale - Other
Alcoholpercentage 4
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
Verpakkingsdatum 08-12-2021