Crazy In the Coconut

Sofia Electric Brewing - Crazy In the Coconut

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Having brewed many of Alchemik beers over the past few years we finally decided to put our heads together and collaborate on a beer. What we came up was an imperial stout recirculated through mountains of coconut based on the chocolate bar ‘Bounty'. What does that mean?! Criminally insane levels of coconut hitting you in the Jaw. Lie down on the couch, crack a can and slip into another world of rectangles and kazoos. No need for therapy, any hallucinations of talking birds or false teeth are purely psychosomatic! Best enjoyed at 12-15C. Cheers/ Наздраве!
Bierstijl Stout - Imperial / Double
Alcoholpercentage 10.5
Land van Herkomst Bulgaria
THT 07-02-2025
Verpakking Blik
Volume 330 ml