Sleeping Limes

Sleeping Limes

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Gose brewed with Limes and Sea Salt | 4,6% | 33 CL

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Limes + Sea Salt + Lager

Summer is here and Sleeping Limes has got you covered! We have traversed the globe to Mexico where we celebrate Brett’s love of South American food and the citrus zing of the mighty lime.

Clean and crisp with refreshing tangy limes and a Moorish briny finish, this is our perfect summer beer. It originally took inspiration from Sleeping Lemons and the beautiful preserved lemons we use, but the idea developed into a cleaner beer, taking the Corona and lime wedge and stepping it up a notch.

Brewing a beer around the taste of lime naturally led us to using this beautiful citrus fruit, utilising both the fresh pulp and the zest. A clean and crisp base was achieved by using a lager yeast with the lime building an addictive tang to the pallet and a gose inspired flurry of salt adding to the finish. What is it? A lager, a gose, a sour... Who cares. Put simply it is one of the finest accompaniments for the British summertime.

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