Uiltje Brewing Company

Fuck de kerstboom

Fuck de kerstboom

UT: 3.6

Fuck de kerstboomVan Untappd:Our 2014 Christmas Brew was rated best imperial/double stout in the Net..

€ 3,70€ 4,35


UT: 3.64

This is one fearless IPA. Seriously. So courageous in fact that the hops we used to brew it don’t ev..

€ 5,15

Colliding Scientists

UT: 3.77

What happens when you lock up Budapest’s Mad Scientist and Haarlem’s Uiltje Brewing Co. in a brewery..

€ 4,95

IDH7 Indianapolis

UT: 3.68


€ 5,65

Mind Your Step! Moyee Coffee Edition

UT: 4.04

A strong Imperial Stout infused with roasted coffee beans by Moyee coffee #RadicalEquality!..

€ 5,10

Sgt. Night Vision

UT: 3.63

*Bleep*…*Bloop* “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Over” ABC me all you want, but I can’t see a thing, it’s ..

€ 4,15

Some Nelson Before Christmas

Some Nelson Before Christmas

UT: 3.7

'Twas the nightmare before Christmas, the presents a total flop Worked to the bone, Santa turns to ..

€ 4,63€ 5,45

Weergeven 1 t/m 7 van in totaal 7