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6,1% | Houtgerijpt wild blond bier met zomerkruiden | 37.5 CL

Van Untappd:
Bloei - Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with summer herbs.

Fiery skies of spring and summer encourage young plants to grow into aromatic herbs. The sun challenges them to show more and more of themselves, coming to full bloom in herb gardens, roadsides and between paving stones in the city. Growth is everywhere, life is everywhere. You can find surprising flavours everywhere, often in those places where you did not expect it. Bloei is an ode to popular and lesser known herbs that give life to this beer with their exuberant aromas.

Bloei is a fresh and invigorating mildly tart beer with delicate, subtle green notes. We added four different herbs: yarrow and mugwort were foraged in a quiet place in Nijmegen, while rosemary and thyme were picked in a walled garden. Bloei was aged on oak for 9 months.
6.1% ABV.

[Batch #1 bottled on 18 JAN 2019]

Tags: 37.5 CL, bottle, sour