Secret Santa

Amager Bryghus - Secret Santa

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At Christmas it’s okay to be secretive and surprise each other. And Amager Brewery is no exception as we want to rejoice. Over the past years we have therefore concealed the fact that we have matured a unique beer of quadrupel type in our basement. We have stored it in oak and pine needles, and the flavor is in the sweet direction, while the nose gets reminiscent of ripe fruit, oak, sweets and marzipan. In collaboration with our help, goblins, we thus brewed the exclusive brew, you have here in hand and are so julet that even Santa Claus only drink it on the holiest day. Secret Santa is filled with the finest ingredients. There are not many bottles of Secret Santa, a beer so secret that it barely exists - so it was not with the help nissernes good will that we were allowed to publish it. Rip it off the shelves, therefore, should you be lucky enough to find it. You will not be disappointed, but maybe a little bit bimmelim, keeping the entire 10.5% alcohol.
Bierstijl Belgian Quadrupel
Alcoholpercentage 10.5
Land van Herkomst Denmark
THT 31-10-2026
Verpakking Blik
Volume 440 ml