CO-SHARENTING | digital collab series 1/5

Atelier der Braukünste - CO-SHARENTING | digital collab series 1/5

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C̲O̲-̲S̲H̲A̲R̲E̲N̲T̲I̲N̲G̲ ̲|̲ ̲D̲I̲G̲I̲T̲A̲L̲ ̲C̲O̲L̲L̲A̲B̲ ̲S̲E̲R̲I̲E̲S̲ ̲1̲/̲5̲ After turbulent weeks we are very happy to release a new series. DIGITAL COLLAB consists of 5 different beers that we have created with craft beer brewer friends from all over Europe. Why digital? Actually, collabs between 2 breweries go like this: You get to know each other at a craft beer event, you're on the same wavelength, you drink 1, 2, 10 beers together and then you get the idea to brew one together. Corona wasn't really up for it, but we were... The first DIGITAL COLLAB beer is a very special one for several reasons. We put our heads together digitally with Georg and Lukaz from FUERST WIACEK, who have collaborated with pretty much every famous international brewery so far, but have yet to collaborate with one from back home. For a few weeks we exchanged experiences via email and phone, philosophised about brewing techniques and, of course, concocted a brilliant hop combination. The result is a double dry-hopped Double IPA with Citra, Vic Secret and Strata. Super fruity, resinous, creamy, 8.1% alcohol. The unique artwork is also special. Georg's four-year-old daughter Mona was so kind and easily provided a graphic for the label. Fittingly, we named the Double IPA CO-SHARENTING - a word creation from Co-Parenting and Sharenting, which has never been done before. #duden #artwords
Untappd score 4.17
Alcoholpercentage 8.1
Land van Herkomst Germany
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