Mango Guava IPA

BRULO - Mango Guava IPA

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  • Merk: BRULO
  • Model: Mango Guava IPA
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Hugely exciting collaboration with our friends at North Brewing Co for this juicy new release. Inspired by their incredible Piñata but served with even more mango and guava and none of the alcohol. Taking their beloved Piñata recipe up to dizzying heights of fruiting and hopping using Mango and Guava puree, Citra, Azzaca and El Dorado hops and fermented with a super duper smart yeast that doesn't produce alcohol! Smooth, sweet, juicy, intensely tropical and absolutely magical!
Bierstijl Fruited IPA - Non alcoholic
Alcoholpercentage 0.0
Land van Herkomst Scotland