Mills Brewing - Twig

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English hopped beer made from a blend of solely three year old brews, produced in January and April 2020. The beers were made from turbid mashes using pilsner, wheat and rye malts. The resulting wort was boiled with aged hops, before spontaneous fermentation in old white Burgundy barrels. The blend focused on building a perfect base for an addition of wonderfully complex, but relatively subtle English-grown hops. We aimed for a balance of spicy and fruity aromatics, with nothing too characterful to obscure the incoming dry-hop, underpinned by a moderate acidity with just enough volatile acid to give it some life. The blend was dry-hopped with undried "Low Carbon" hops from Brook House Farm, up the road in Herefordshire.
Bierstijl Wild Ale - Other
Alcoholpercentage 5.4
Land van Herkomst England
THT 28-02-2033
Verpakking Fles
Volume 750 ml