Unlike Stars

Verdant Brewing Co - Unlike Stars

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Mosaic & Galaxy IPA. Unlike stars, planets don't twinkle. Stars are so distant that they appear as pinpoints of light in the night sky. Our Milky Way galaxy is home to at least 100 billion alien planets, and possibly many more. The galaxy is located 3.8 billion light years away, and there is not the slightest chance of observing these planets directly, not even with the best telescope one can imagine. Malts: Golden Promise, Extra Pale Ale, Wheat, Oats, Flaked Wheat Hops: Mosaic, Galaxy Yeast: London Ale III
Bierstijl IPA - New England
Alcoholpercentage 6.5
Land van Herkomst England
THT 26-01-2022
Verpakkingsdatum 26-07-2021