Pay No Heed To the Drongos

Wylam - Pay No Heed To the Drongos

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  • Model: Pay No Heed To the Drongos
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PAY NO HEED TO THE DRONGOS | SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE IPA | ABV 7.2% RATTLE YOUR DAGS! This hard case NZ IPA reverberates and ricochets into a southwestern Pacific pure fruit rark up! Spankingly fresh NELSON and MOTUEKA deadlock in unison, wrangling up a squidgy whip of creamy ripe peach flesh, mojito lime, crisp white grape, gooseberry tart, cracked black pepper and a mellow whisper of allspice... CAN YOU HANDLE THE JANDAL?
Bierstijl IPA - International
Alcoholpercentage 7.2
Land van Herkomst England
Bitterheid 0
THT 01-11-2021