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Out of Space

UT: 4.28

Voor deze release hebben de mannen van Folkingebrew een prachtige hop blend bedacht bestaande uit ni..

€ 5,95

Second Date (Turquoise Edition)

UT: 4.27

This second date is a refurbished Double IPA in which we used the hop slurry from the dry-hop of our..

€ 6,50

Open Skies

UT: 3.99

Spectrum hops: Citra, Mosaic and Yakima Chief HBC630...

€ 6,35

Smooth Sailing

UT: 3.93

Big Ass Double NEIPA with Spectrum hops: Citra/Mosaic...

€ 6,35

Simcoe's 5th Birthday

UT: 3.97

Happy Birthday Brewery Dog Simcoe!..

€ 4,10

Manic Confidence

UT: 3.74

Manic Confidence is a refreshingly juicy ‘Hazy-Enough’ IPA brewed with Galaxy, Enigma, Comet, Strata..

€ 3,65

Dallas Blonde

UT: 3.54

In a town famous for its bottled blondes, we’ve reset the bar. This shimmering, golden ale combines ..

€ 3,45

Juice Punch

UT: 3.79


€ 3,50

Talusmanian Devil

UT: 3.68

Een nieuwe uit de Fresh & Fast-serie...

€ 5,25

Kempisch Vuur Grand Cru

UT: 3.49


€ 2,65

Last Chance To Dance (2021 New And Improved)

UT: 4.1

Wooo we’re back! It’s June it’s Hot outside but we‘ve got you covered!!! New and Improved Last..

€ 6,80

Episode X

UT: 4.09

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."….. stop it!!! Who cares?! We find your Lack of Hops d..

€ 6,95

More German Goes Not

UT: 4.02

Ze Germans are back! And its not good Cherry ? eating with them! If you bind them a bear ? on, you w..

€ 6,95

Eat My Haze

UT: 4.05

Doh!! It happened!! We should’ve written „check the label market first“ on the chalkboard ? but luck..

€ 6,95

Early Start

UT: 4.11

Café Mocha Crème Stout..

€ 9,25

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