Running Away

Cervesa Espiga - Running Away

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  • Model: Running Away
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Running Away, our inspiration in this beer has been cider, we wanted to bring the concept of cider to beer. It is a farmhouse made with a blender of our classic blonde ale barrel aged in a foudré and fermented saison most with Belgian and wild yeasts. During the beginning of fermentation of the saison it was added white grapes and biodynamic apples in order to obtain yeasts from apples and sensory characteristics similar to those provided by cider. It looks golden and glossy with a light foam. In the aroma we feel white grapes and apples, an aroma that reminds us to cider. We appreciate a long sip that begins with a beer flavor of soft acidity, followed by the flavors of white grapes, apple, wood notes, the funky notes of a festival of yeast of apples, grapes and beer yeast, ending with a dry sip that reminds us of cider. Try it and you will not imagine this soft beer and funky has 8.5 degrees. It is an ideal beer to enjoy an aperitif during a hot day.
Bierstijl Farmhouse Ale - Other
Alcoholpercentage 8.5
Land van Herkomst Spain
Bitterheid (IBU) 20
THT 31-03-2025
Verpakking Fles
Volume 375 ml