Bohemian Mead

De Noordelijke Mederij - Bohemian Mead

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An exclusive mead brewed from real Bohemian Honey, it’s an honour that a knight such as you takes an interest in our mead. This fine Mead will not make you weak at the knees, but will lift your spirits, warm and fortify you, A great beverage after dealing Witt some Cumans, during a game of dice, or when Henry has come to see us. Speaking of Henry: “I feel quite hungry.” Na zdraví! This Mead is fermented and Matured in Oak Barrels, giving it a fuller taste and probably how it was done in the past Colab with Warhorse studios to make Kingdom Come Delivarance Mead!
Bierstijl Mead - Traditional
Alcoholpercentage 12
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
Verpakking Fles
Volume 500 ml