ROEM Tripel

De Zoetermeerse Brouwerij - ROEM Tripel

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ROEM Tripel is a top-fermented craft beer with an ABV of 9,0%. The sophisticated, complex and malty mouthfeel is derived from the three kinds of grains used (barley, wheat and oats), both in their malted and unmalted variants. The fruity yeast aromas are derived by using a special tripel yeast, which come to their full expression due to the high CO2 level and are perfectly paired with crushed coriander seeds dried sweet orange peel. Foodpairing: Spicy dishes, poultry, spicy and old cheeses, sweet desserts Drinktemperatuur: 8 - 10°C
Bierstijl Belgian Tripel
Alcoholpercentage 8
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
Bitterheid (IBU) 24
THT 30-09-2025
Verpakking Fles
Volume 330 ml