• 20-04-2019 21:30
    21-04-2019 01:00

    EM2 ✰ Tribute to Rammstein & Red Hot Chili Peppers ✰

    EM2 Groningen

    This tribute night brings two musical extremes together. Red Hot Chili Neppers and Sehnsucht bring odes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rammstein! Especially for the enthusiasts, connoisseurs or the thirsties among you, Just in beer comes with a selection of his tastiest and most special Rock & Roll beers.

  • 25-05-2019 15:00
    25-05-2019 23:00

    Hop! in to the Grain Craft Beer & Music Festival

    EM2 Groningen

    The place to be for beer-lovers in the North of the Netherlands, with an surprising craft-beer and music line-up. Hop is one of the most incredible plants mother nature gave to us. This festival is an honour for all the nice beers that are made of it. Quality and originality are the keys for the precisely picked breweries by beer-goeroe Just in Beer.