Bianca Noa Pecan Coconut Blueberry Mud Cake Lassi Gose

UT: 4.41

Bianca Noa Pecan Coconut Blueberry Mud Cake Lassi GoseVan Untappd:Two of our beers collaborated and ..

€ 19,35

Bianca Wild Wild Brett Peaches

UT: 4.2

6,8% | Omnipollo x Crooked Stave Bianca Wild Wild Brett Peaches | 37.5 CLVan Untappd:Wild Ale fermen..

€ 16,95


UT: 3.74

BrunoVan Untappd:On June/2018 we found the largest Omnipollo beer haul we’ve ever seen. The haul bel..

€ 6,95

Chiffon Sparkling Almond Pineapple

UT: 3.44

Chiffon Sparkling Almond PineappleVan Untappd:Sparkling Almond Pineapple. Champagne yeast saison wit..

€ 10,95

Mango Space Food

UT: 3.79

Mango Space FoodVan Untappd:Mango Space food. Our crush with Tired Hands and Monkish is real fire mo..

€ 8,85

Narcissus Simcoe Galaxy

UT: 3.82

7% | Omnipollo Narcissus Simcoe Galaxy IPA | 33 CL..

€ 4,35


UT: 3.66

5,5% | Omnipollo Stains Mosaic Galaxy Pale Ale | 33 CL..

€ 3,75

Zelator Tropic Lollipop

UT: 4.17

10% | Omnipollo Zelator Triple Tropical Lollipop IPA | 33 CLVan Untappd:Big Triple IPA in collaborat..

€ 6,65

Anagram – Blueberry Cheesecake Stout

UT: 4.3

Van Untappd:Friends, family, kindred spirits. Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. In this ca..

€ 10,85

Bianca Blueberry Blackberry Raspberry Strawberry Maple Pancake Lassi Gose

UT: 4.31

Van Untappd:Our latest Bianca is not only full of blueberries but we added raspberries, blackberries..

€ 18,90

Bianca Double Peanut Butter Jelly Lassi Gose

UT: 4.23

Van Untappd:Peanut butter and jelly gose, brewed with rock salt, lactose, peanut butter, strawberry ..

€ 16,25

Bianca Guava Lychee Passionfruit Lassi Gose

UT: 4.04

Van Untappd:Tropical, fruit heavy gose containing some of our favorite fruits of the season. Brewed ..

€ 16,25


UT: 3.75

Van Untappd:Bianca Blueberry Maple Pancake was such a favorite that we needed to see what would happ..

€ 4,95

Konx no alco.

UT: 3.16

Van Untappd:Non-Alcoholic Mini Pale Ale..

€ 3,55

Weergeven 1 t/m 15 van in totaal 16


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