Collective Arts Brewing

Surround Sound DDH DIPA V3

UT: 3.86

8,2% | DDH DIPA with Columbus, Simcoe & Galaxy hops | 47.3 CLVan Untappd:The newest version of our S..

€ 5,75

Origin of Darkness W/ Almond Milk & Coffee

UT: 4.07

Van Untappd:In an homage to their iconic Beer Geek Breakfast series, we brewed a vegan-latte inspire..

€ 9,40

Origin of Darkness w/ Maple Syrup & Walnuts

UT: 4.08

Van Untappd:These barrels have been through the ringer! They started with bourbon, moved on to maple..

€ 9,40

Origin of Darkness W/ Marshmallows

UT: 3.86

Van Untappd:Our pals from Civil Society spend most of their time in the muggy Florida heat. So we wa..

€ 9,40

Origin of Darkness W/ Plums

UT: 3.98


€ 9,40

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