Adroit Theory

Black Celebration (Oreo Cookie)

UT: 4.13

Black Celebration (Oreo Cookie)Van Untappd:Chocolate and Creme are Balanced by Sweet Maple and Sharp..

€ 16,95

Adroit Theory tasting

  Matriphagy -  IPA Double New England with Southern Passion & Sabro hops·&..

€ 34,95

EBK [Gashadokuro] (Ghost 945)

UT: 4.02

Another soft, pillowy hazy DIPA from Adroit! This edition continues the emphasis on tropical, fruit ..

€ 9,15

Evangelion XVII: Tabris (Ghost 946)

UT: 4.28

Our second to last release in this series focuses on forward tropical citrus notes in a pillowy body..

€ 9,80

Fast Times At Heavy Metal High (Ghost 932)

UT: 4.13

Our 5th experimental Oat Cream IPA is here, and for the first time ever features LupoMAX hops! The b..

€ 9,80

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