Strieper Craft Beer Company

Prototype No7 Blond

UT: 3.45

Experimental question: can we make a beer so sexy, you will instantly forget all the beers you loved..

€ 3,65

Prototype No9 Hefeweizen

UT: 3.18

Experimentele vraag: kunnen we een Duits bier maken dat serieus goed smaakt maar je ook laat glimlac..

€ 4,05

The Awesome Deep Wheat Plunging Ale Explorer

UT: 3.37

This Pale Wheat Ale was originally brewed as one of our experimental Prototype beers. Strieper enthu..

€ 3,75

The Incredible Double Zen Boosting Chill Machine

UT: 3.31

This Belgian Dubbel is our tribute to all the visionaries and pioneers who build and brew stuff that..

€ 3,75

The Uplifting Triple Decker Flying Apparatus

UT: 3.51

People have always been fascinated by flying. In the early days that was pretty risky business. Toda..

€ 3,90

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Just in Baxfest 2024

18 & 19 mei - De Suiker Events, Suikerlaan 10, Groningen

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