Mooyland Cider Appel-Peer

UT: 3.42

Spontaneous fermented cider with pear from Drenthe, The Netherlands...

€ 4,45

Mooyland Hop Cider

UT: 3.56

Natural fermented, dry hopped cider. Has subtle notes of hop, while we only used European hops, no o..

€ 5,10

Mooyland Perencider

UT: 3.53

Perry from The Netherlands with some quince added. Minimal amount of sulphur, no filtration. Vint..

€ 4,45

Mooyland Wilde Cider Appel

UT: 3.36

Naturel cider, no filtration, no sulphur, only local apples from Drenthe, The Netherlands...

€ 4,45

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