Tumsas Ragana (Witch of Darkness)

Labietis - Tumsas Ragana (Witch of Darkness)

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  • Merk: Labietis
  • Model: Tumsas Ragana (Witch of Darkness)
  • Beschikbaarheid: Uitverkocht

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This is a contemporary remake of a prehistoric braggot that was served at a funeral in Egtved ~3390 years ago. Using the same raw materials - smoked and roasted wheat, honey, wild berries and wild herbs. On the nose smoked and toasted wheat is surrounded by honey with hints of lindenblossom. Further the sweetness of honey is balanced by slight tartness of cranberries and lingonberries, as well as the bitterness of the bog myrtle. The pleasantly warming strength of the beverage together with coffee notes dominate the aftertaste of this archeological drink.
Bierstijl Mead - Braggot
Alcoholpercentage 15.6
Land van Herkomst Latvia
THT 31-10-2032
Verpakking Fles
Volume 375 ml