Black Horchata

Mad Scientist - Black Horchata

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MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECT A Blend Of Imperial Milk Stout And Imperial Porter Aged In Bourbon Barrel With Vanilla And Cinnamon CELLAR MASTER NOTES The king of crowdpleasers, dear Ladies and Gentlemen and other earthlings! Black Horchata launches a smooth attack against your taste buds with the power of vanilla and cinnamon, blackboned (sic!) by a stout full with lactose that has been aged for more than 1 year in a Kentucky bourbon barrel. The name comes from its undeniable similarity with the well-known Mexican soft drink but beyond this, we can't really recommend it for breakfast. You know. It's 11% ABV. Maybe for lunch.
Bierstijl Stout - Imperial / Double Milk
Alcoholpercentage 11
Land van Herkomst Hungary
THT 03-09-2046