Bumfuzzle (2021)

Marlobobo - Bumfuzzle (2021)

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Blackberry mead. Blackberries are one of our favorite berries to work with, and we've been trying to get hold of some Norwegian-produced since the start of our meadery. There's not a lot of growers in Norway, as there hasn't been a culture of eating blackberries here. But Henning Røed at Hauger Gård in Råde is working very hard to change that! Let's all make him succeed and make the demand for Norwegian blackberries skyrocket! The mead is a concoction of jammy, fresh blackberries and honey. Thick and velvety mouthfeel, with an enticing aroma and a flavor that lingers forever. Hopefully paying respect to the great produce from Hauger Gård. -------------------------- 2021 -------------------------- Honey variety: Wildflower Blackberry variety: Loch Ness from Hauger Gård (Råde) *The vintage year shows the harvest year of the ingredients*
Bierstijl Mead - Melomel
Alcoholpercentage 11
Land van Herkomst Norway
Verpakking Fles
Volume 375 ml