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Laatste update: 16-06-2019

  • Habbekrats - Het Uiltje

    Habbekrats IPA - Session / India Session Ale

    Het Uiltje
    1.0% ABV
    8 IBU

    We tried, oh we tried, but when the time came to claim a name for this low-threshold session IPA, the first word to pop into our heads was Habbekrats. A beautiful Dutch word that trembles off the tongue like poetry, no? We thought so! In our wonderful guttural dialect it means pittance, which perfectly captures the ridiculously low 1%-ness of this citrusy no-nonsense IPA. You’ll thank us for that tomorrow.

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  • Revenge of the Wakatu Worms - Het Uiltje

    Revenge of the Wakatu Worms IPA - Session / India Session Ale

    Het Uiltje
    3.9% ABV

    Sessions IPA with New Zealand Wakatu hops. Released under the Fresh & Fast program, February 7th 2019.

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  • Little Black Dress - Het Uiltje

    Little Black Dress IPA - Imperial / Double Black

    Het Uiltje
    8.8% ABV
    75 IBU

    Ah yes, the little black dress (LBD). RIP Audrey, as in Hepburn, who catapulted the LBD to fashion icon and closet staple just by staring through a window at Tiffany’s. Well, our Black Dress IPA is an ode to all that. A versatile 8.8% black IPA truly suitable for all occasion. Brewed with Australian summer hops and gobs of stone fruit, this IPA really is a brew for all seasons. Really. Like the black dress. Hence the name. Get it? Of course you do. And remember, it’s important you drink the Little Black Dress, don’t let the Black Dress drink you.

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  • Schwarzwalder Kirsch - Het Uiltje

    Schwarzwalder Kirsch Stout - Imperial Oatmeal

    Het Uiltje
    8.0% ABV
    65 IBU

    For this enchanted Schwarzwalder Kirsch stout we made like Repunzel and let down our hair in Germany’s enchanted Black Forest. You know, the grim fairy-tale settings for Grimm Brother self-flagellation and fun? Well, those Black Forest fairies also know how to distill a mean sharp-nosed cherry liquor known as Schwarzwalder Kirsch. Dark and murky with a touch of vanilla and raison around the edges, this distinctive chilly weather sweet stout is best sipped in castles amongst cuckoo clocks. A tart, puckery fairy-tale capable of knocking the dirndl off of Sleeping Beauty, that girl Gretel and every wicked Grimm Gros- mutter every put to paper.

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  • Most Wonderful Time For A Beer - Het Uiltje

    Most Wonderful Time For A Beer Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale

    Het Uiltje
    10.0% ABV
    20 IBU

    We needed a holiday anthem. But rather than aim for the top of the charts, we dove straight to the bottom of the well. And lo’ and behold look what we found: Andy Williams’ 1963 anti-classic! Is there any other holiday song so mind-numbingly dull? Nope! Marley, Crosby, Bush, the Ramones, Dylan – they wouldn’t touch this song with a 10-foot peppermint pole! This beer is our ode to the ugly ducking of Christmas song covers. And we’re so hap-happy to exploit it for our most wonderful Christmas brew. A medieval ale pimped with the type of obscure spices only free-foraging Gaelic’s would dare pluck. A hint of caramel, a dash of black liquorice – this one-off Christmas brew is as thick and vulgar as the song that inspired it. Some say gruit is an aphrodisiac, that’s your call. But we will tell you this: once you drink it you’ll never be ever to get this f*cking ugly Christmas song out of your head again! Sorry Andy. And a very merry this and that.

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  • Liquid Love Bourbon - Brouwerij In De Nacht

    Liquid Love Bourbon Stout - Other

    Brouwerij In De Nacht
    10.5% ABV
    27 IBU

    De vatgerijpte versie van onze stout. De rijping van 5 maanden in het Bourbon vat geeft een mooie romige caramel, toffee en zachte smaak aan het bier.

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  • HappyFace Winter Frost - HappyFace Beers

    HappyFace Winter Frost Winter Warmer

    HappyFace Beers
    10.0% ABV

    The Frost is a spicy winter beer with low carbonation based on the classic Belgian Quadrupel style with addition of thyme, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel and coriander.

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  • HappyFace Weizen - HappyFace Beers

    HappyFace Weizen Hefeweizen

    HappyFace Beers
    6.0% ABV
    18 IBU

    A traditional weizen beer with a soft, full taste and a smooth aftertaste.

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  • Dubbele Blik - Stadsbrouwerij Radboud

    Dubbele Blik Belgian Dubbel

    Stadsbrouwerij Radboud
    7.0% ABV
  • Happyface Stout - HappyFace Beers

    Happyface Stout Stout - Other

    HappyFace Beers
    6.0% ABV

    A stout in which the taste of roasted malt and cocoa is accompanied by a nice bitterness and a cocoa aftertaste.

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  • Happyface Tripel - HappyFace Beers

    Happyface Tripel Belgian Tripel

    HappyFace Beers
    8.0% ABV
    22 IBU

    Fresh and firm tripel, some orange peel (the white part of it) that adds to the lasting bitterness as well. The Tripel has a yeasty character with a longlasting after taste.

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  • Brother Brother - Jopen

    Brother Brother Spiced / Herbed Beer

    6.2% ABV
    17 IBU

    This bond of brotherhood results in a spicy surprise thanks to the juniper and black pepper. A very warming Double with sweet gale and dark malt flavors like caramel.

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  • Totally Yuzu - Jopen

    Totally Yuzu IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

    6.8% ABV
    51 IBU

    This Black IPA is packed with fruity and floral aromas. Double Dry Hopped with Loral, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria. We added fresh yuzu, mandarin and heaps of hops. Fiercely bitter with balancing dark malt in the aftertaste.

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  • IPA - PUNT.

    IPA IPA - American

    6.6% ABV
    60 IBU

    Gewoon goed IPA bier met een fruitig aroma

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