Drunken Pears

Ophiussa Brewing Co. - Drunken Pears

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This is one of those beers that we’re really excited about, not only because it’s our first international collaboration, but also because it’s an interpretation of a very typical Portuguese and Dutch dessert. We’ve joined forces with our good friends and beer engineers from Moersleutel and recreate a classic from our grandmother’s house. Drunken Pears is a shared classic from our cuisines, one of those comfort foods perfect for a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon. It all starts with a base of Berliner Weisse to which we’ve added tons of pear and mixed with red wine infused with cinnamon and star anise. This is more than a beer, it’s an experience of flavors and a trip to our roots. We hope you like it as much as we do!
Bierstijl Sour - Smoothie / Pastry
Alcoholpercentage 5
Land van Herkomst Portugal
THT 05-05-2023
Verpakking Blik
Volume 440 ml