Smoothiesh: An Extra-cholesterol!

Pulfer Brewery - Smoothiesh: An Extra-cholesterol!

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  • Merk: Pulfer Brewery
  • Model: Smoothiesh: An Extra-cholesterol!
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The answer to astronaut Pedro's question is here... "An extra-cholesterol!" We loaded this smoothie sour with banana, strawberry and lemon and twisted with vanilla. We wanted to achieve vanilla ice cream feeling with bursting fruity taste! Contains real fruit. Don't age. Keep in a refrigerator. Drink fresh. For best experience, gently rotate the can few times. THIS IS WHY WE BREW!
Bierstijl Sour - Smoothie / Pastry
Alcoholpercentage 5.5
Land van Herkomst Croatia
Bitterheid (IBU) 5
THT 26-04-2024
Verpakkingsdatum 26-04-2023
Verpakking Blik
Volume 500 ml