Uiltje's Guide To Tea Drinking Etiquette

Uiltje Brewing Company - Uiltje's Guide To Tea Drinking Etiquette

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Tuck away your middle finger for a moment and raise your pinky instead. That’s it, that’s all the etiquette you need to bring to this tea bomb of a beer, which is one part aristocratic arrogance and two parts Mad Tea Party madness. Our truly off-kilter IPA balances citrus and stone fruit with Pacific Northwest pine and a hint of Early Grey, making it sophisticated enough for the opera and ballsy enough for a backyard BBQ. Okay, pinkies down, middle fingers back up.
Bierstijl IPA - American
Alcoholpercentage 8.2
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
THT 20-09-2024
Verpakkingsdatum 20-09-2023
Verpakking Blik
Volume 440 ml