Green And Gold 2022

Wildflower Brewing & Blending - Green And Gold 2022

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Green and Gold 2022 is a dry hopped barrel aged golden Australian Wild Ale. This beer makes a return from 2021 (when it was an internal release) to make it into the first XI (ok first 10, but 11 sounds better) as a Collective beer this year. In 2021, it was the first barrel aged dry hopped beer we ever released. We have since dry hopped a number of our Collective beers, but I still feel this one displays it the best. Once again we took an extra aromatic aged barrel of Gold #1849 (18 months old) and dry hopped with New Zealand Freestyle Motueka just before bottling. The result shows a big hop expression, sherbety citrus punch, lime and lemon barley with a herby basil edge. Funk and oak come late but give the nose great depth and intensity. A fuller beer than 2021. Copious hop character up front results in a big citrus core but there’s a depth and fullness to the Gold base that gives great width and texture. Lovely length with a dry pithy grapefruit finish. The artwork on the bottle is a photo of the interior of this hectic piece of machinery that the team across the road at Silver Raven built. I have no idea what they use it for, but I know its meant to consolidate heat in some way.
Bierstijl Other
Alcoholpercentage 5
Land van Herkomst Australia
THT 31-01-2028
Verpakking Fles
Volume 750 ml