Barrel Aged bier

De lekkerste bieren maar nu met een extra diepgang doordat ze gerijpt zijn op houten vaten waar vaak eerst een andere dranksoort in heeft gezeten. Denk hierbij aan bourbon, whisk(e)y of wijn maar ook sherry, cognac, calvados enz. 

Flying Buffalo Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

UT: 4.05

Our Russian Imperial Stout is transferred to freshly emptied bourbon barrels immediately upon fermen..

€ 10,85


UT: 4.12

Bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout With Maple Syrup, muscovado sugar and vanilla...

€ 7,65

Liquid Travel - Tirol

UT: 3.87

A big new beer in our new "Liquid Travel" line-up. We used a beautiful mix of new and old barrels, w..

€ 6,05

Barrel Project 21.10

UT: 4.04

An imperial Russian stout aged on cognac barrels...

€ 5,75


UT: 3.71

Barrel-aged wild dark ale with trees A foresty, woody dark ale with spruce, blackthorn, pine and..

€ 8,25

Barrel Aged Upside Down Christmas Cake 2021

Barrel Aged Upside Down Christmas Cake 2021

UT: 4.07

Pastry Christmas Stout..

€ 10,92€ 12,85

Bière de Pieces #33

UT: 4.18

Blend of beers from Barrel #24 and Barrel #13.  Barrel #24 is a former raspberry mead barrel that st..

€ 18,55

Barrel Wave

UT: 4.03

For the strong hearted who love to dive into big flavours. Enjoy this imperial stout aged on Bourbon..

€ 6,55

Many Moons

UT: 3.96

A beautiful deep red sour ale with cherries, citrus zest, bourbon and port barrels combining for rew..

€ 11,40

Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S.

UT: 4.18

Made from our B.O.R.I.S. Imperial Stout, that was rated one of the World's 50 Best Beers, and won th..

€ 12,95

Gillian (2016)

UT: 4.05

Van Untappd:Partially aged in wine barrels with strawberries, honey, and white peppercorns. Slightly..

€ 39,95

Maple Barrel Stout

UT: 4.36


€ 48,95

Lone Buffalo

UT: 4.26

Van Untappd:A hand-selected single-barrel aged stout with notes of vanilla, contains lactose. These ..

€ 49,95

Finesse pure oak aged

UT: 3.82

Van Untappd:Our first beer of the ‘Pure Oak Series’: These are / will be beers matured on new..

€ 5,45

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