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Stevnsberry Bramble (2020/2021)

UT: 4.53

Gin barrel-aged cherry and blackberry mead with lime (Oslo Håndverksdestilleri Fjæra barrels for 12 ..

€ 50,95

Stevnsberry (2021)

UT: 4.51

Cherry mead made with Stevnsbær. The Stevns variety is known for its small size, deep red/burgund..

€ 39,95

Bumfuzzle (2021)

Blackberry mead. Blackberries are one of our favorite berries to work with, and we've been trying..

€ 41,95

PI Plump Mallard (2021)

UT: 4.52

Plum mead with the old dessert plum variety Mallard. Mallard is a very flavorful red skinned plum..

€ 39,95

Flying Sauce (2021)

UT: 4.45

Cherry and black currant mead with vanilla beans and coconut. Definitely a dessert mead, but stil..

€ 44,95

Murder Box

Dahmer - American Style Pilsner 5% ABVKemper - Hazy Triple IPA 10.5% ABV (contains lactose)Gacy - Ru..

€ 39,95


UT: 4.14

Ola! THREE LITTLE BIRDS is our new collaboration with Little Rain Brewing from Barcelona, @littlera..

€ 6,00

It Takes Two To Tango

UT: 3.87

For this collab with our friends from Hoppy Road (Nancy, France) we decided to pair French and Ameri..

€ 5,95


UT: 3.62

Midsommar is our modern IPA-interpretation of a Nordic Kveik beer, designed to celebrate those endle..

€ 2,95

The Thing

UT: 4.29

Another international collab we are very proud of. We have been teaming up with the fine people of K..

€ 7,25

Enigmatic Endeavours

UT: 4.26

With spring to come, we decided to go easier on ABV. ENIGMATIC ENDEAVOURS is an easy drinking, h..

€ 6,85

Conversations With Blueberry More

UT: 3.99

Springtime is Sour time. We are kicking off our 2022 Sour season with this heavily fruited and s..

€ 8,40

Let´s Order A Pizza ( 2022 )

UT: 4.23


€ 6,10

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