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So It Goes

UT: 3.94

Collab with our friends from Paris Fauve. A DDH IPA dry-hopped with Waimea, El Dorado, Belma & Citra..

€ 6,65

Better In A Yeti

UT: 3.82

A perfect Hazy IPA for these hot summer days. This fantastic beast turned into a beer pale as snow a..

€ 6,65

Self Titled

UT: 3.89

A subtle piquette made with grape skins, apple cider and honey..

€ 10,80


UT: 3.51


€ 3,65

IESSEL Wilde Cider

UT: 3.74

IESSEL Cider is een droge, friszure craftcider met een klein prikkeltje. Een natuurcider gemaakt van..

€ 7,35

Premier Cru Cyder

UT: 3.64

Premier Cru has a mid straw-gold colour with a pale, subtle and crisp taste and a fresh aroma of des..

€ 3,45

Orval (2022)

UT: 3.97

The Orval’s brewery produces only one beer to sell, a beer with a high fermentation that continues i..

€ 2,75

TIC TAC TOE Mango & Raspberry

UT: 4.18

TIC TAC TOE is a heavily fruited beer smoothie with mango & raspberry..

€ 7,85

Russian Imperial Stout

UT: 4.17

A grist loaded with chocolate malt and roasted barley, coupled with an extended boil are the key ele..

€ 13,15

Barrel Aged Sour Blonde Ale

UT: 4.07

A simple pale malt grist with wheat and oats forms the base of this beer. Soured with lactobacill..

€ 10,35

Barrel Aged Blackberry & Plum Sour

UT: 4.08

complex grist with a large amount of wheat and oats forms the base of this beer. Fermented with o..

€ 10,35

Amorena édition 2021

UT: 4.17

L'Imperial Stout à la pâte d'amande et aux cerises amarena, vieilli dans des barriques de chêne fran..

€ 8,55

Increased Vitality

UT: 3.99


€ 6,95

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