Adroit Theory

Constructive Destruction (Ghost 972)

UT: 4.17

Constructive Destruction offers creamy texture, mild bitterness, and a full body. Blending hops from..

€ 8,65

EBK [Gashadokuro] (Ghost 945)

UT: 3.99

Another soft, pillowy hazy DIPA from Adroit! This edition continues the emphasis on tropical, fruit ..

€ 9,15

Fast Times At Heavy Metal High (Ghost 932)

UT: 4.11

Our 5th experimental Oat Cream IPA is here, and for the first time ever features LupoMAX hops! The b..

€ 9,80

Heaving Through Corrupted Lungs (Ghost 1012)

UT: 4.07

Opaque orange, semi-sweet malt body with pillowy texture and minimal bitterness enveloped in forward..

€ 8,70

Morpheus (Ghost 1003)

UT: 4.13

This juice bomb is back by popular demand featuring extremely mild bitterness and a pillowy body wit..

€ 8,70

REBEL (Ghost 973)

UT: 4.19

This pillowy triple IPA is every bit of 10% ABV while offering only trace booziness and mild bittern..

€ 9,25

The Octagonal Stairway (Ghost 1002)

UT: 4.12

Less dry and roasty than the first iteration, but still packed full of delicious notes of toffee and..

€ 9,30

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