Stout - Porter

Common Grounds

UT: 4.06

Experience our extraordinary Banana Pastry Inspired Stout, a collaboration between Moersleutel, Ritu..

€ 7,95


UT: 3.87


€ 6,85

Black Wave

UT: 3.88

Stout with coconut and orange peel,..

€ 6,85

Kers & Kola

UT: 3.51

What if you combine cherry coke with a Stout? Expect the characteristic cherry flavor and sweetness ..

€ 3,90

Periclean Age

UT: 4.18

Periclean Age is a peanut brittle inspired stout done in collaboration with our good friends Mortali..

€ 24,95

Rum Barrel Aged Rummage the Pantry

UT: 4.12

Aged in rum barrels for an extended period of time, we further conditioned this stout on fudge brown..

€ 29,85

Enn Barrel (Cellar Series)

UT: 3.96

An Irish coffee inspired Irish Whiskey BA Imperial Stout with coffee..

€ 9,20


UT: 4.08

Theogony project Imperial Creme Brûlé pastry stout with loads of Ugandan vanilla beans ,Collab with ..

€ 9,40


UT: 3.86

Our baltic friends from Põhjala traveled to Alkmaar. They arrived early and before beers were drunk,..

€ 7,60

Twenty Five

UT: 4.43

Join us in a celebration twenty five years in the making with this carefully blended bourbon barrel ..

€ 46,50

You Made This

UT: 3.92

The voice of the people, this is your beer! Inspired by the famous Spanish Licor, we brewed you your..

€ 7,20

Salta Bananers

UT: 3.94

Beer and candy, sounds good right? We know it does. This beer combines the best of both worlds; Laph..

€ 12,60

Phantasm (Ghost 1291)

UT: 4.09

This is a brand new stout we've never brewed before. As always, however, this Russian Imperial Stout..

€ 10,45

Purple Moon

UT: 3.86

Salted Caramel Imperial Stout We brewed a new big black hitter! Purple Moon is a rich, sweet, roa..

€ 5,70

Russian Imperial Stout

UT: 3.8


€ 3,95

Weergeven 61 t/m 75 van in totaal 88