Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Brunch Blanche

UT: 3.72

"White Stout? What even is that? The craft beer world sees lots of experimentation. That experimen..

€ 6,60


UT: 4.15

The canelé (or cannelé) is a traditional French pastry from Bordeaux with a soft custard center flav..

€ 12,95

Daily Grind #2

UT: 3.86

The first batch is done and gone, your feedback was super important to determine what we should focu..

€ 6,05

Daily Grind #3

UT: 4.01

Alright, welcome to round 3 of Daily Grind. We've heard, learned and adjusted. Version 1# and 2# wer..

€ 6,05

Emmer Malt

UT: 3.97

We welcome our friends of Gyrup Malt (, a farmhouse maltster located in Thy, Denmark. T..

€ 6,55

Lergull, Fabricator of Espresso Chocolate Cake

UT: 4.1

Does the name Echo echoes something? Ok, sorry for the bad word play, we're stopping that... This ba..

€ 6,60

Moersleutel Stout Pakket

Moersleutel Stout Pakket

Moeite met kiezen? Met dit Moersleutel Stout-pakket heb je de beste stouts van Moersleutel te pakken..

€ 34,95€ 38,95

Motor Oil Double Chocolate (2022 Edition)

UT: 4.15

It may look like we choose the origin of our cacao nibs based on our travelling wish list, it could ..

€ 6,60

Spelt Malt

UT: 4.05

Last time we brought you the unique Emmer, now it's time to revisit a known grain to us, Spelt. Howe..

€ 6,60

Tiramisumo Triplets

UT: 4.06

A specially made beer for Multi Bier. You thought the Tiramisumo Twins were good? Than you got to me..

€ 6,90

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