Moersleutel Craft Brewery

GraxXx Reloaded

UT: 4.03

That’s right! Graxx the cream horn gobbler is back - but not like you knew him - he’s back bigger, b..

€ 6,55

Motor Oil Double Vanilla Double Chocolate & Double Coffee

UT: 4.18

The original Motor Oil hearty Russian Imperial Stout, deep black in color with a strong roasted malt..

€ 6,55

Takas - The Chocolate Almond Torte Torturer

UT: 4.24

In our series of sweet pastry stout monsters we have Takas with his third eye and drippig skin. Sott..

€ 6,55

Tiramisumo Twins Barrel Aged

UT: 4.18


€ 12,80

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