Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Common Grounds

UT: 4.07

Experience our extraordinary Banana Pastry Inspired Stout, a collaboration between Moersleutel, Ritu..

€ 7,95

Cosmic Wonder Bird

UT: 4.1

In a galaxy where craft beer dreams came alive, two brewing friends, Moersleutel Craft Brewery and V..

€ 7,95


UT: 4.12

Collab with Basqueland This joined pastry stout draws inspiration from the iconic Basque cheeseca..

€ 7,95

LabRatchet Espresso Lava Cake

UT: 4.12

Behind the laboratory doors, the yeast whisperers of White Labs Copenhagen embarked on our joined jo..

€ 7,95

Lucky Tonka S’mores Imperial Stout

UT: 4.11

With each sip, you'll be transported to a cozy campfire scene, where the aroma of toasting marshmall..

€ 7,50

Nectar Fusion

UT: 3.97

Deze samenwerking tussen Marlobobo en Moersleutel, gemaakt in beperkte hoeveelheden, is een bewijs v..

€ 8,05


UT: 3.86

Our baltic friends from Põhjala traveled to Alkmaar. They arrived early and before beers were drunk,..

€ 7,60

Salta Bananers

UT: 3.95

Beer and candy, sounds good right? We know it does. This beer combines the best of both worlds; Laph..

€ 12,60

Slippery Slope

UT: 3.84

Silky smooth and creamy, this beer is brewed with wholesome oats. It pours thick and coats your glas..

€ 6,35

You Made This

UT: 3.92

The voice of the people, this is your beer! Inspired by the famous Spanish Licor, we brewed you your..

€ 7,20

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