Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Buckwheat Malt

UT: 4

This series made us revisit our roots. Stouts as it came to world, naked of adjuncts. But that doesn..

€ 6,65

Fruit Bomb

UT: 3.84

A super flavourful, very creamy and extremely tropical beer! Carefully crafted with the best hops an..

€ 4,95

Hovercraft Freestyle


€ 6,60

Hydrogen Hero

UT: 3.94

Clash of the Titans! Octane Overlord is no longer the ruler of the intergalactic universe. A new her..

€ 6,65

Motor Oil Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee

UT: 4.11

Long gone are the days when chocolate, coffee and vanilla were boring. Producers worldwide have made..

€ 6,65

Suska Sechlonska

UT: 3.85

"Our friends from Funky Fluid are more than just the Gelato Brigade. But their Ice Cream van came i..

€ 6,65

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