Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Buckwheat Malt

UT: 3.93

This series made us revisit our roots. Stouts as it came to world, naked of adjuncts. But that doesn..

€ 6,65

Cuppa Craft

UT: 3.96

An ingenious doctor, crafting potions that transform him. This time he does not hurt people, the pot..

€ 6,75

Daily Grind Coffee Stout Batch 4

UT: 3.85


€ 6,10

Hydrogen Hero

UT: 3.93

Clash of the Titans! Octane Overlord is no longer the ruler of the intergalactic universe. A new her..

€ 6,65

Raisin Awareness For Dried Grapes

UT: 3.87


€ 6,65

Third Harmonic

UT: 4.02

This beer was about triangles, but it was a curve that got us. However we straightened the learning ..

€ 7,15

Tiramisumo Triplets Barrel Aged

UT: 4.3

Tiramisu & hazelnut barrel aged stout The triplets are back from their barrel nap! They slept in..

€ 12,65

Zusquoid - The Aztec Chocolate Liquidizer

UT: 3.92

The wheels are turning. The Mayan God from the Moersleutel Universe is visiting the world of the mer..

€ 6,65

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