Mad Scientist

East Coast Samurai

UT: 3.66

A New England Ipa inspired dry-hopped session IPA with crazy amount of yuzu dominating. Our West Coa..

€ 4,30

I'm In Love With the Coco

UT: 3.58

Coconut Infused Breakfast Dubbel..

€ 5,40

Meggyes Pite

UT: 3.78

Sour Cherry Pie Imperial Pastry Sour, the first batches had 8% of ABV, but 2022's April batch has 11..

€ 5,05

Redcurrant Salmiakki Trifle

UT: 3.57

There's this thing about licorice that you either like or you don't. You can say it's that weird tin..

€ 5,35

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