Chiffon Sparkling Almond Pineapple

UT: 3.44

Chiffon Sparkling Almond PineappleVan Untappd:Sparkling Almond Pineapple. Champagne yeast saison wit..

€ 10,95

18 Decillion

UT: 4.1

The Omnipollo brewed version of our collaboration with our friends at Equilibrium Brewery...

€ 8,35

Bianca Guava Lychee Passionfruit Lassi Gose

UT: 4.07

Van Untappd:Tropical, fruit heavy gose containing some of our favorite fruits of the season. Brewed ..

€ 16,25

In Plenty

UT: 4.21

Inspired by those lovely decadent chocolate, coconut and vanilla filled cakes we brewed a thick impe..

€ 9,60

Noa Bourbon BA Pecan Mud Cake 2022

UT: 4.27

2022 edition of barrel aged Noa Pecan Mud Cake. Comes with a green splash Noa smiley bottle...

€ 15,95

Tefnut Marshmallow Passout

UT: 4.3


€ 11,40

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