IPA Bier

India Pale Ale (IPA) is een bierstijl binnen de categorie Pale ale. Het wordt gebrouwen met veel hop en is daardoor (vaak) extra bitter. Het werd voor het eerst gebrouwen in Engeland in de 19e eeuw maar inmiddels wordt het overal ter wereld gemaakt in allerlei varianten (West Coast IPA, East Coast IPA, New England IPA, Double IPA, Dry Hopped, etc.)

Double Punk

UT: 3.71

Post modern classic reimagined. The UK’s favourite craft beer – the beer that started it all – ge..

€ 4,45

8.5 Emojis

UT: 4.1

Let’s keep those emojis rolling. We loved our TIPA 13 Emojis so much, we wanted to bring it to you i..

€ 9,70

I Want To Believe

UT: 4.12

Citra, El Dorado & Belma-hopped Double India Pale Ale..

€ 9,70

Enigma, Ekuanot NEIPA

UT: 4.02

Re Release 25th July 2022 This is an extremely special beer! Using Enigma and Ekuanot in large nu..

€ 8,65

Total Eclipse

UT: 3.97

First in our summer quencher series. Easy-going 6.5 ABV, soft mouthfeel and a nice combo of the rare..

€ 6,80

Veda: Citra

UT: 3.96


€ 8,75

Hazy Jane Alcohol Free

UT: 3.15

No alcohol just got juiced up. And Hazy Jane Alcohol Free lives up to the hype. All the attitude, al..

€ 2,10

'T GEHEIM van de smid

UT: 3.42


€ 3,50

Free Wifi Inside

UT: 3.91


€ 5,10

Island Time

UT: 4.03

If you were stranded on a desert island, whay one object would you bring? what book? an album? we go..

€ 7,25

So It Goes

UT: 3.94

Collab with our friends from Paris Fauve. A DDH IPA dry-hopped with Waimea, El Dorado, Belma & Citra..

€ 6,65

Better In A Yeti

UT: 3.82

A perfect Hazy IPA for these hot summer days. This fantastic beast turned into a beer pale as snow a..

€ 6,65

Orval (2022)

UT: 3.97

The Orval’s brewery produces only one beer to sell, a beer with a high fermentation that continues i..

€ 2,75

Increased Vitality

UT: 3.99


€ 6,95

Straight From the Fields 3-pack

UT: 3.89


€ 18,95

Weergeven 31 t/m 45 van in totaal 120